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1 July


New grant fomr FAS

S-gem is happy to announce its continued operations, thankts to a new grant from FAS over the next 3 years.


1 September

We would like to thank all our invited guests, participants and organizers of our Workshop on the chlamyda epidemic, 30-31 august. We are extremely pleased with the success of the event. We hope to be able to publish some of the talks in the near future, so please check back soon. Please contact if you would like to contact the organizers.

19 June

Publication: Birgitte Freiesleben de Blasio, Åke Svensson and Fredrik Liljeros have been accepted in PNAS with the paper Preferential attachment in sexual networks. It is available online ahead of print, open access.

11 January

Publication: "Spatial Bridges and the Spread of Chlamydia: The Case of a County in Sweden" by among others Monica K Nordvik and Fredrik Liljeros is now published in Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Spatial bridges are links in a sexual network that connect regions of the network that would otherwise be very distant. By analyzing contact tracing data the authors conclude that halting the spread of clamydia may be very difficult due to these bridges.

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