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About S-GEM

S-GEM draws together a group of specialists who share an interest to develop and apply mathematical and statistical models of outbreaks and epidemics. Modern tools in mathematics, statistics, network theory, spatial analysis, and more have made it possible to better understand what happens when an infectious disease is spreading in a human population.

The group contains mathematical statisticians, sociologists, infectious disease physicians, bio-statisticians, physicists and systems specialists. The cross-fertilization between these fields creates an exciting and highly productive research environment. The bearing idea of the group is to use different methods of modeling of epidemic spread to study real life problems. The members of the group are active at Karolinska institute, Swedish Institute of Infectious Disease Control, Stockholm University and The Royal Institute of Technology. They are involved in many national and international co-operations and research projects. The width of expertise within the group provides a 'one-stop shopping' for anyone who wants to learn more about epidemic modeling or who has a specific problem to discuss.

The purpose of S-GEM is to provide information of on-going and planned projects and of other activities, such as seminars and workshops that are centered in the Stockholm area.

The present activities cover a wide area of problems and methods, ranging from the study of effects of vaccination programmes, assessing threats of emerging infectious diseases, to the study of transmission of infections in sexual networks and evolution of infectious agents that are resistant to treatment.

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